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Ankara Agreement

Ankara Agreemeent

Ankara Agreement was signed between Germany, France, Benelux countries and Turkey in 1963. Britain signed the Ankara Agreement in 1973 when it became a member of the European Union. As of today, every Turkish Citizen who has a legal visa in the UK has the right to establish his own business in the UK by taking the provisions of the Ankara Agreement.

Who can get a visa and establish their own business?

Any Turkish citizen who enters into England through a visa means that they can obtain visas from the Ankara Agreement, regardless of their visa type. You can benefit from the Ankara Agreement if you want to do your own job as a self-employed person in the UK or if you want to get a business or become a partner. It is also possible to apply from Turkey.

What are the requirements for the Ankara Agreement?

  • You must be a Turkish citizen.
  • Your preferred business must be an objective self-employed.
  • You must be professionally competent in the field of your choice.
  • You must have a business that explain the purpose of your business.
  • You must have enough money to set up your business.
  • You can join an existing partnership.
  • You must have a real intention to build a realisable business.
  • Your profit share should be sufficient to support you and your family without the need for another fund.

If you require any further information or need to ask a question, we as Ozgul Accounts are here to help and guide you. Also, you could visit Gov.UK for more Information. We also have this content written in Turkish.

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